Rhizome works with companies across financial services and other industries to generate a deep understanding of culture and what drives it. Our expert-led approach means we get to the heart of the issue quicker and more effectively, which delivers more targeted interventions with less overhead, less operational inefficiency and less risk.

We have provided risk culture design, assessment and assurance services to a number of large Australian ADIs, global banks, some of Australia’s largest and most prominent superannuation funds and ASX-listed wealth managers. We have also worked with a number of large ADIs to strengthen lending and credit strategies leveraging our insights into why things work the way they do in practice.

“Rhizome delivers outcomes and it’s clear to me that the team is also strongly invested in our successful uplift. I’m confident that this has accelerated our program of work and getting us to a place where the way that we manage risk is actually a strategic enabler.”

Chief Executive Officer – ASX-listed Wealth Manager


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