We provide independent insights on key cultural characteristics that influence the way risks are managed across firms within business units and at the firm-wide level.

What we do

We get beyond surface level observations of behaviour and ‘culture’, undertaking independent, deep-dive reviews to identify drivers that heighten the likelihood of poor risk and decision-making outcomes. Our thought leadership and identification of root causes enables our clients to better drive member and business outcomes, in line with their strategic objectives. Our tangible and targeted insights reveal root causes and blindspots and why people manage risks the way they do (both consciously and unconsciously) leaving our clients better placed to then appropriately respond.

We understand the very real business and competitive pressures that firms face. Our experience, capability and approach result in tailored and efficient delivery which is further enhanced by our regulatory relationships. Taking a staged approach, that reflects the firm’s shared understanding and uplift, responds to internal and external factors and pressures leaves our clients with flexible, scalable and effective approaches that are also sustainable.