We work with firms to transform risk management from being a compliance exercise to a competitive advantage. We drive sustained change and uplift in the way risks are managed by combining a deep understanding of how things work in practice (and why) with technical expertise in risk management. We work with clients to design and implement risk transformation programs that deliver embedded ownership with those that really own the risk, with the three lines of defence actually working in practice.

Our work includes framework design, independent review and challenge, thought leadership and support for building internal capability.

How we do this

  • Three lines of defence – providing transformation advice, reviews and assessments, to truly embed three lines of defence models. This supports firms in ensuring risk management practices are embedded and operating effectively across all lines of business.
  • Governance, culture and accountability self-assessments – to support our clients undertaking self-assessments of governance, culture and accountability, having regard to APRA’s Prudential Inquiry into CBA. This allows our clients to demonstrate depth, insight and real challenge.
  • Risk appetite – reviews, design and advice on risk appetite metrics and statements, facilitating workshops with executives and boards and support in extending this to front-line business units to guide decision-making.
  • Risk management frameworks – reviews, design and implementation of core components of risk management frameworks, including senior leader engagement and supporting internal capability builds.
  • Strategic risk advisory – advice, design and reviews, connecting insights across risk types and practices to position businesses to respond to emerging risks. This includes road map design to plan – and deliver – innovative change in risk management practices that is adaptable, reliable and resilient.