Will is a risk management specialist with more than 25 years’ experience in senior credit risk and debt origination roles in banking, funds management and bank regulation.

Will spent eight years in the credit risk specialist team at APRA, during which time he became the Head of Credit Risk.  He was active in shaping the banking industry’s credit risk management practices during this period.  He led APRA’s commercial property industry thematic review of underwriting standards in 2016 / 2017, and was involved in numerous new bank license and use and experience requirements for IRB applications. Will has provided input into a number of APRA’s key policy initiatives including revisions to APG 223 Residential Lending Practices, APS 221 Large Exposures, APS 222 Related Parties and initial formulation of the upcoming revisions to the credit risk capital standards.

During his time at APRA, Will led many credit risk reviews of risk management practices and frameworks in the areas of residential mortgage lending, commercial property, business lending, agriculture lending, problem asset management, provisioning, financial markets and complex structured finance products. These reviews included the operations of offshore subsidiaries.

Will has held senior credit risk management and loan origination roles in a number of offshore banks in Sydney and London with over 14 years of practical credit risk management experience covering leveraged finance, project finance, mezzanine lending, structured credit, securitisation and problem asset management.