See better, be better

Culture is increasingly being recognised as among the root causes of the numerous instances of institutional failures, misconduct and poor risk outcomes that the global financial sector has experienced since the Global Financial Crisis.  While the understanding of culture is not yet widespread, its importance is universally accepted.

At Rhizome we believe culture will become one of the most important lenses through which an institution’s performance will be assessed. Stakeholders ranging from customers, shareholders, regulators, politicians and staff are seeking to understand how policies, processes and systems are lived and breathed.

We help institutions understand the underlying drivers of culture, which are complex, interwoven and unique to each institution, its history and context.  This is delivered through a combination of behavioural and risk expertise, using an evidence-based approach that is grounded in behavioural science. Our assessments use both quantitative and qualitative data to generate new insights into the drivers that reinforce, or detract from, the effective delivery of sustainable customer, risk and business outcomes.

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