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Board Advisory

A paradigm shift is occurring in corporate Australia, with expectations of the role and function of Boards increasing significantly. At the same time, financial institutions and the markets they operate in are increasing in complexity.

At Rhizome, we believe a new era of governance is emerging. Boards will become much more active and utilise better information to base decisions on.  Rhizome works directly with Boards to provide them with better information in three ways:

  • Rhizome reviews board papers ahead of meetings to provide expert advice, unbiased perspectives, insights and critical challenge for the Board or sub-committees to incorporate into their own consideration of Board matters

  • Rhizome conducts deep dive reviews that combine governance, risk management, accountability, incentives and culture that deliver root cause-level insights into the drivers that reinforce, or detract from, the effective delivery of sustainable customer, risk and business outcomes

  • Rhizome provides issue-specific advice on complex issues including regulatory, governance, risk management, accountability, incentives or culture matters

At Rhizome we combine our deep understanding of industry, regulatory and contextual factors with expertise in connecting insight across governance, risk management, accountability, incentives and culture.  The unique perspectives generated by Rhizome enables us to support directors to provide more effective stewardship of their institutions and better balance stakeholders’ interests.

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